Summary for Decision-Makers – Ecological Baselines for the Southeast Atlantic: Status of Marine Biodiversity and Anthropogenic Pressures in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction. STRONG High Seas Project

Ben Boteler, R. Wanless, M. Dias, T. Packeiser, A. Awad, B. Yannicelli, L. Zapata Padilla, J. Aburto, Isabel Seeger, S. Hampton, L. Jackson, Nicole Wienrich, A. Ajagbe, C. Hazin, G. Castellanos Galindo, L. Naranjo, C. Suárez, J. Prussmann, S. Valenzuela, L. Gomez Giraldo, M. Higgins, C. Contreras, G. Luna, N. Luna & M. Munizaga
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