Map of the proportion of threatened endemic species per country in relation with environmental and socioeconomic drivers

Robin Pouteau, Caroline Brunel, Wayne Dawson, Franz Essl, Holger Kreft, Bernd Lenzner, Carsten Meyer, Jan Pergl, Petr Pysek, Hanno Seebens, Patrick Weigelt, Marten Winter & Mark Van Kleunen
This dataset is a shapefile representing the proportion of threatened endemic species (both plants and animals) in 247 countries along with associated environmental and socioeconomic drivers. The geographic coordinate system is World Geodetic System 1984 (EPSG: 4326). Information on a total of 65,125 endemic species including 27,294 globally threatened endemic species (55% threatened plant species, 45% threatened animal species) was extracted from the IUCN Red List. The categories of threatened species used in the analyses...
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