C-band radar data and in situ measurements for the monitoring of wheat crops in a semi-arid area (center of Morocco)

Nadia Ouaadi, Jamal Ezzahar, Said Khabba, Salah Er-Raki, Adnane Chakir, Bouchra Ait Hssaine, Valérie Le Dantec, Zoubair Rafi, Antoine Beaumont, Mohamed Kasbani & Lionel Jarlan
This radar remote sensing database is composed of processed Sentinel-1 products in addition to field measurements of soil and vegetation (wheat). The data are collected during three years (2016-2019) on three irrigated wheat fields in the center of Morocco. The GRDH and SLC Sentinel-1 products are processed using SNAP platform to extract the backscattering coefficient and the interferometric coherence. NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) is computed from Sentinel-2 products, available on Theia website. The soil...
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