Effects of compost and biochar on soil and plant properties in Vietnam, Laos and Thailand

T. Thu Doan, P. Sisouvanh, T. Sengkhrua, S. Sritumboon, C. Rumpel, Jouquet P & Bottinelli N
Impact of compost and biochar on soil chemical (pH, organic carbon, organic nitrogen, P2O5, K20, P available, K available, in mg.100g-1), biological (earthworm, ant and termite numbers in ind.m-2) and physical properties (water infiltration rate, ml sec-1) and plant biomass and yield (ton.ha-1). The same experiment was carried out in Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Laos). Compost was produced from cow manure by the Land Development Department, LDD, Thailand and biochar was produced by GRET in Vietnam...
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