Microplastic concentrations in lagoon and bay environments of Binh Dinh province, Central Vietnam: COMPOSE project, 2019-2021

Vo Van Chi, Hoang Duc An, Truong Thanh Tam & Emilie Strady
Microplastic (300-5000µm) concentrations were measured in the Thi Nai lagoon and Quy Nhon bay environments of Binh Dinh province, Central Vietnam, under the COMPOSE project (2019-2021). Microplastic were sampled using a 80µm mesh size net from a local boat. The samples were extracted in the laboratory using enzymatic digestion, NaCl density separation and were filtrated on GF-A filter. Then microplastic were observed on stereomicroscope and length, area, color were measured for fragments, line and circle....
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