Random Forest land cover classifications of Sentinel satellite images in 2019, Saen Thong, Thailand

C. Mahuzier, S. Morand, K. Chaisiri, A. De Rouw, B. Soulileuth, C. Thinphovong, A. Tran & C. Valentin
This dataset holds the results of different Random Forest classifications using the combination of Sentinel-2 Optical and Sentinel-1 Radar images. The different images were acquired in 2019. The dataset covers Saen Thong sub-district, Nan province in northern Thailand, a mountainous area with a monsoon climate. The classifications cover three categories of land: 1. uncultivated steep mountain slopes with forest (Park, protected), 2. cultivated mostly steep slopes with annual crops (e.g. upland rice, maize), or tree...
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