Lamto GIS layer (vector dataset): Lamto reserve (Côte d'Ivoire) 1988 vegetation cover, after original map by Gautier (1990)

R. Zaiss, M. De Felice, J. Gignoux, S. Konaté, S. Barot & L. Gautier
This dataset holds the polygon layer of vegetation units digitized from the map “Carte du recouvrement ligneux de la réserve de Lamto" published by Gautier in 1990. We first georeferenced the scanned paper map using ground control points derived from Google Maps. After this we manually digitized the vegetation units from the map. The shapefile attributes separate twelve land cover types : “zones d’habitations”, ”fleuve Bandama, « affleurements rocheux”, ”mares temporaires”, ”savane herbeuse”, ”savane faiblement...
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