Analyses of soils sampled on Madagascar Highlands following temperature and rainfall gradients in 2014

Laetitia Bernard, Kanto Razanamalala, Tantely M. Razafimbelo, Pierre-Alain Maron, Lionel Ranjard, Nicolas Chemidlin Prévost-Bouré, Mélanie Lelièvre, Samuel Dequiedt, Volaniaina Ramaroson, Claire Marsden, Thierry Becquer, Jean Trap & Eric Blanchart
Priming effect (PE) in soil is proposed to be generated by two distinct mechanisms: “stoichiometric decomposition” and/or “nutrient mining” theories. Each mechanism gets its own dynamics, involves its own microbial actors and targets different soil organic matter (SOM) pools. The present study aims to evaluate how climatic parameters drive the intensity of each PE generation mechanism via the modification of microbial and physicochemical soil properties. Soils were sampled (May 2014) in the center of Madagascar,...
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