Dataset relating soil organic content and caesium-137 activities in the Houay Pano catchment of northern Laos over 42 years (1963-2015)

S. Huon, H. Robain, A. De Rouw, C. Valentin, P. Bonté & O. Sengtaheuanghoung
This dataset has been collected thanks to the long-term partnership with Department of Agricultural Land Management (DALaM), Lao PDR, which granted the permission for field access, and to the financial, scientific, technical, and/or logistical support of the Multiscale TROPIcal CatchmentS (SNO M-TROPICS; critical zone observatory (previously MSEC). The soil samples were taken at different soil depths and under different vegetation covers at the long-term observatory catchment of Houay Pano in Northern Laos between 2000...
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