Sedimentological and biogeochemical data of a sediment core sampled in 2016 in the Saigon River, crossing Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Brice MOURIER, Marc DESMET, Marc BABUT, Emilie STRADY, Julien NEMERY, T.N. Tuyet NGUYEN, Joanne AIME, Anh Tu TRAN & Nicolas GRATIOT
A 70 cm long sediment core was sampled using a UWITEC® corer (Uwitec, Mondsee, Austria) fitted with a 2.0-m-long, 90-mm-diameter plastic liner in the left bank of a convex meander of the Saigon River (Lat 10.762376; Long 106.730960), downstream Ho Chi Minh City, in the intertidal zone. Analyses of grain size distribution, organic matter content, nitrogen content, phosphorus content (TPP, PIP, POP), carbon content (TC, POC, PIC) and major elements and trace metals (Mg, K,...
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