Informal waste collectors and aggregators space and activities in Hanoi city, Vietnam, COMPOSE project (2019-2021)

Thai Huyen Nguyen, Thi Thao Trang Le, Thi Hai Yen Nguyen, Ngoc Anh Dinh, Viet Anh Le, Tuan Minh Le, Cong Hung Phan, Tien Tam Nguyen, Dai Cuong Trinh, Ba Xuan Quang La, Khac Hoai Son Do, Vu Minh Chau Pham, Minh Nghia Le & Thai Hoa Nguyen
The system of informal waste collectors and aggregators in Hanoi city (Vietnam) was surveyed in the framework of two projects: the first phase (JEAI Recycurbviet 2017-2020) and the second phase in the framework of the Compose project (2019-2021). The social survey based on questionnaire was carried out in the entire area of in Hanoi city to identify the location of the aggregator warehouse participating to the informal waste collection and recycling in the city. Then,...
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