Supplementary information and source code for \"An atypical class of non-coding small RNAs produced in rice leaves upon bacterial infection\"

Ganna Reshetnyak, Jonathan M. Jacobs, Florence Auguy, Coline Sciallano, Lisa Claude, Clemence Medina, Alvaro J. Perez-Quintero, Aurore Comte, Emilie Thomas, Adam Bogdanove, Ralf Koebnik, Boris Szurek, Anne Dievart, Christophe Brugidou, Severine Lacombe & Sebastien Cunnac
This dataset contains additional supporting information and source code related to the discovery of Xanthomonas-induced small RNAs (xisRNAs) as described in the Related Publication. Deep small RNA (sRNA) sequencing analysis discovered a class of sRNA in rice (Oryza sativa) specifically associated with foliar diseases caused by Xanthomonas oryzae pathovars. A set of 163 xisRNAs loci were distinctively upregulated in response to various bacterial strains at an early stage of infection. Most xisRNA loci overlap with...
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