Comparison of the nest organization and soil properties of Microcerotermes pakistanicus and Odontotermes obesus constructions in the Western Ghats, India

A.K. Harit, E.V. Ramasamy, N. Babu, R.M.J. Pillai, N. Bottinelli, S. Cheik & P. Jouquet
Dataset describing the soil properties (termite nests and sheetings) and nest organization of two common species in Kerala, India: Odontotermes obesus and Microcerotermes pakistanicus. Soil properties included: pH, electrical conductivity (uS cm-1), soil particle size distribution (clay, silt, sand, in %), and C (%), N (%), anion (Cl, F, NO3, SO4, in ppm) and cation (Na, K, Mg, Ca, in ppm) contents . Nest organization was measured using X-ray computed tomography and measures consisted in...
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