Simulation of radiation environments

A. Alici, I. Azhgirey, I. Dawson, M. Huhtinen, V. Ivantchenko, D. Kar, M. Karacson, S. Mallows, T. Manousos, I. Mandić, A. Di Mauro, S. Menke, P.S. Miyagawa, A. Oblakowska-Mucha, S. Pospisil, T. Szumlak & V. Vlachoudis
Simulating radiation environments is crucial in the design phase of new hadron collider experiments or upgrades, especially when extrapolating to new centre of mass collision energies where previous experience cannot be relied on. The generation of radiation fields in the LHC experiments is dominated by proton–proton collisions, with contributions from beam-gas interactions and other machine losses. It is therefore essential to first reproduce the proton–proton collisions, using Monte Carlo event generators such as PYTHIA8 and...
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