Impact of radiation on electronics and opto-electronics

M. Backhaus, M. Bindi, P. Butti, E. Butz, E. Chabert, S. Chen, J. Dickinson, W. Erdmann, J. Garcia Pascual, R. Gerosa, B. Haney, H. Hillemanns, K. Lantzsch, A. La Rosa, K. Padeken, F. Pinto, G. Pownall, D. Robinson, A. Rozanov, J. Troska & T. Weidberg
In this chapter we will present the results of the impact of radiation on electronics and opto-electronics for two of the LHC experiments during Run 1 and Run 2. ATLAS results are presented in Section 6.1; CMS in Section 6.2. In Section 6.3 we will present a comparison between the two experiments, highlighting operational guidelines and proposing solutions to build the electronics and opto-electronics of the future LHC experiments.
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