CERN Yellow Reports: Conference Proceedings, Vol 1 (2018): Proceedings of the ICFA Mini-Workshop "Impedances and Beam Instabilities in Particle Accelerators"

The Impedance of Flat Metallic Plates with Small Corrugations...5 Feedback Systems for Multibunch Beam Diagnostics and Instabilities Suppression...39 A rectangular Waveguide with Dielectric Coatings as a dedicated Wakefield Dechirper at ELBE...87 Analytical Impedance Models for Very Short Bunches...133 The Circulant Matrix Model and the Role of Beam-beam Effects in Coherent Instabilities...25 Studies for the SPS Travelling Wave Cavities Upgrade...57 Design of Low-Impact Impedance Devices: the new Proton Synchrotron Booster Absorber Scraper (PSBAS)...111 Observation and Damping...
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