Nasal mites from specimens of the brown-headed cowbird (Icteridae: Molothrus ater) from Texas and Arkansas, U.S.A.

Alexis D. Hilario-Pérez & Ashley P.G. Dowling
Avian nasal mites are obligate parasites that spend their entire life in the respiratory system of birds. In North America, four families in three orders parasitize birds: Rhinonyssidae (Mesostigmata), Ereynetidae (Prostigmata), Cytoditidae (Astigmata) and Turbinoptidae (Astigmata). Mechanisms of nasal mite transmission among hosts is still unclear and brood parasites like the Brown-headed Cowbird (Molothrus ater Boddaert, 1783), which utilize multiple bird species as hosts, are interesting for the study of parasites such as nasal mites....
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