Revision of the family Dolichocybidae (Acari: Heterostigmata) from the collection of V.D. Sevastianov

Alexander A. Khaustov & Viacheslav A. Trach
The dolichocybid mites in the collection of V.D. Sevastianov, namely Pavania riparia Sevastianov, 1980, P. tadjikistanica Sevastianov, 1980, P. protracta Sevastianov, 1980, P. tahanae Sevastianov and Abo-Korah, 1985 and Dolichocybe firjusae Sevastianov and Chydyrov, 1994, are revised and redescribed based on both the type and additional materials. An updated key to species of the genus Pavania is provided. The taxonomic position of Pavania protracta and P. tahanae is discussed.
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