Frequency dependence of ocean surface kinetic energy and its vertical structure from global high-resolution models and surface drifter observations

Brian Arbic, Shane Elipot, Jonathan Brasch, Dimitris Menemenlis, Aurelien Ponte, Jay Shriver, Xiaolong Yu, Edward Zaron, Matthew Alford, Maarten Buijsman, Ryan Abernathey, Daniel Garcia, Lingxiao Guan, Paige Martin & Arin Nelson
Surface oceanic kinetic energy is of interest for many reasons, and a greater understanding of the vertical structure of the kinetic energy would aid interpretation of ongoing and proposed remote sensing missions that are focused on velocity. In this work, kinetic energy (KE) at the sea surface (0 m) and 15 m depth in high-resolution global simulations (HYbrid Coordinate Ocean Model; HYCOM, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology general circulation model; MITgcm) is compared with KE...
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