5Hz resolution altimetry wave products for better coastal approach

Annabelle Ollivier, Adrien Nigou, Isabelle Pujol, Gerald Dibarboure, Alice Dalphinet, Francois Soulat, Alejandro Bohe, Fanny Piras, Ngan Tran & Fabrice Ardhuin
CMEMS Wave TAC next baseline will be 5Hz resolution wave products, 1km along track, to answer to the users community who wants to get closer to the shore. Therefore, in the Sea State community, the literature usually assumes that altimetry waves at 1Hz is dominated by noise (Ardhuin et al. 2019) and most studies tackle this issue by filtering these data up to 50km at least (Quilfen et al. 2018, Dodet et al. 2020). It...
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