Dynamics of the North Pacific “garbage patch” observed with a suite of Lagrangian instruments for ecological applications

Nikolai Maximenko, Jan Hafner, Mary Crowley, Luca Centurioni, Andrey Shcherbina, James Carlton, Linsey Haram, Verena Hormann, Cathryn Murray, Gregory Ruiz, Cynthia Wright & Chela Zabin
The FloatEco (Floating Ecosystem) experiment studies physical and biological processes controlling the neopelagic ecosystem emerging in the eastern subtropical North Pacific as a result of marine debris accumulation in the so-called “garbage patch” area. Here, we present preliminary results of the study of pathways of debris into, from, and inside the area based on the analysis of trajectories and derived dynamical characteristics of drifters of various geometry as well as real debris items tagged with...
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