Monitoring of Antibiotic Resistance in Veterinary Pathogens by re-use of data? Validation of existing databases

Jobke van Hout, Thijs Derkman, Maaike Gonggrijp, Annet Heuvelink, Jeanine Wiegel, Els Broens, Marloes Van Dijk & Nonke Hopman
The emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is considered a serious public health threat with use of antimicrobials in animals considered as one of the potential risk factors. In the Netherlands, veterinary use of antimicrobials (AMU) has been decreased substantially in the last decade and gradually the focus shifts to ‘prudent use’: reduction and refinement of AMU. To achieve 'prudent use' in practice, among others evidence-based treatment guidelines are required and therefore knowledge on...
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