UU Open Science Monitor 2020

Loek Brinkman, Judith de Haan, Daniël van Hemert, Joost de Laat, Dominique Rijshouwer, Sander Thomaes & Ruth van Veelen
YODA storage “research-osonderzoek” February 7, 2022 – Dominique Rijshouwer (c.d.n.rijshouwer@uu.nl; openscience@uu.nl) About the project: This data package contains all information relevant to the Project "UU Open Science Monitor 2020". Authors (alphabetical order): Loek Brinkman Judith de Haan Daniël van Hemert Joost de Laat Dominique Rijshouwer Sander Thomaes Ruth van Veelen Start date project: March 23, 2020 Publication date package: February 7, 2022 This project was started by the Open Science Programme of Utrecht University. With...
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