Geomechanical, seismological, and geodetic data pertaining to the Groningen gas field: a data package used in the \"Mmax II Workshop\", on constraining the maximum earthquake magnitude in the Groningen field

Stephen Oates, Anke Jannie Landman, Onno van der Wal, Hermann Baehr & Harry Piening
The operator of the Groningen gas field, the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) has been developing and refining a seismic hazard and risk model as part of the response to induced earthquakes seen in the Groningen gas field since the early ‘90s. As part of these efforts, a workshop was conducted to address the question of the maximum earthquake magnitude, Mmax, that should be considered in the seismic hazard and risk modelling. An international panel of...
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