The European methane isotope database coupled with a global inventory of fossil and non-fossil δ13C- and δ2H-CH4 source signature measurements

Malika Menoud
Stable isotopic composition (13C and 2H) of methane (CH4) emission sources. European Methane Isotope Database, based on measurements carried out during the MEMO2 project ( Methane Isotopic signatures from previous literature, reported by Sherwood et al. (2017, 2021), and in other literature sources. Sherwood, O.A., Schwietzke, S., Arling, V.A., Etiope, G., 2017. Global Inventory of Gas Geochemistry Data from Fossil Fuel, Microbial and Burning Sources, version 2017. Earth Syst. Sci. Data 9, 639–656. Sherwood,...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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