Graphene Nanoribbons Derived From Zigzag Edge-Encased Poly(para-2,9-dibenzo[bc,kl]coronenylene) Polymer Chains

Doreen Beyer, Shiyong Wang, Carlo A. Pignedoli, Jason Melidonie, Bingkai Yuan, Can Li, Jan Wilhelm, Pascal Ruffieux, Reinhard Berger, Klaus Müllen, Roman Fasel & Xinliang Feng
In a recent work, we demonstrated the bottom-up on-surface synthesis of poly(para-dibenzo[bc,kl]-coronenylene) , a zigzag edge-encased analog of poly(para-phenylene), and its lateral fusion into zigzag edge-extended graphene nanoribbons.
The record contains data to reproduce the calculations that were performed at Empa to support the findings discussed in the manuscript.
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