Distortion mode anomalies in bulk PrNiO3: Illustrating the potential of symmetry-adapted distortion mode analysis for the study of phase transitions

Dariusz J. Gawryluk, Y. Maximilian Klein, Tian Shang, Denis Sheptyakov, Lukas Keller, Nicola Casati, Philippe Lacorre, Maria Teresa Fernandez-Diaz, Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal & Marisa Medarde
The origin of the metal-to-insulator transition (MIT) in RNiO3 perovskites with R = trivalent 4 f ion has challenged the condensed matter research community for almost three decades. A drawback for progress in this direction has been the lack of studies combining physical properties and accurate structural data covering the full nickelate phase diagram. Here we focus on a small region close to the itinerant limit (R = Pr, 1.5 K < T < 300...
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