Observation of Weyl Nodes in Robust Type-II Weyl Semimetal WP2

M.-Y Yao, N. Xu, Q.S. Wu, O.V. Yazyev & M. Shi
Distinct to type-I Weyl semimetals (WSMs) that host quasiparticles described by the Weyl equation, the energy dispersion of quasiparticles in type-II WSMs violates Lorentz invariance and the Weyl cones in the momentum space are tilted. Since it was proposed that type-II Weyl fermions could emerge from WTe2, MoTe2, WP2 and MoP2 families of materials, a large number of experiments have been dedicated to unveiling the possible manifestation of type-II WSMs, e.g., surface-state Fermi arcs. However,...
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