Nitrogen use efficiency, reticulo-ruminal pH and behaviour of lactating cows grazing either in a full-time system or in a part-time system with indoor feeding of fresh herbage and concentrate

Franziska Akert, M. Kreuzer, P. Hofstetter & J. Berard
Increasing herd size and fragmented or non-uniform land challenge pasture-based milk pro-duction systems. Therefore, part-time grazing combined with indoor feeding of fresh herbage(‘cut-and-carry’) allows to maintain the advantages of fresh-herbage-based diets. However,consequences for environmental nitrogen losses, animal behaviour and ruminal metabolismare decisive for its implementation. Animal performance, nitrogen use efficiency (NUE), reti-culo-ruminal pH and feeding/locomotive behaviour were compared in six cows subjectedeither to full-time grazing (system F) or to part-time grazing system with indoor feeding...
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