Influence of canopy gaps on saproxylic beetles in primeval beech forests: a case study from the Uholka‐Shyrokyi Luh forest, Ukraine

Thibault Lachat, M. Chumak, V. Chumak, O. Jakoby, J. Mueller, M. Tanadini & B. Wermelinger
1. The distribution of canopy gaps has been studied intensively in primeval forest, but their role as keystone structure for biodiversity under natural conditions is still poorly understood. 2. We investigated the effect of habitat properties on saproxylic beetles in the centre, at the edge of gaps and in closed stands in one of the last and largest primeval beech forest of Europe (Uholka-Shyrokyi Luh forest, Ukraine). 3. The abundance of saproxylic beetles was significantly...
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