Effects of AFM tip wear on frictional images of laser-patterned diamond-like nanocomposite films

E.V. Zavedeev, B. Jäggi, Josef Zürcher, Beat Neuenschwander, O. S. Zilova, M. L. Shupegin, M. Yu. Presniakov & S. M. Pimenov
Contact-mode atomic force microscopy (AFM) techniques (lateral force microscopy, force-distance curves) are applied to study the effects of femtosecond-laser ablation and micropatterning of diamond-like nanocomposite (DLN) films (a-C:H:Si:O films) on the friction behavior at the nano and microscale. A femtosecond laser (wavelength 515 nm, pulse duration 320 fs, pulse repetition rate 101 kHz) is used to fabricate line-like micropatterns (microgrooves) on the DLN films under ablation conditions with a scanning beam. Lateral force microscopy (LFM)...
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