Wear protective coatings consisting of TiC–SiC–a-C:H deposited by magnetron sputtering

T. Zehnder, J. Matthey, Patrick Schwaller, A. Klein, P.-A Steinmann & J. Patscheider
Hard coatings of the composition TixSiyCz which consist of TiC, TiSix, a-SiC and a-C:H, have been deposited with the aim of depositing self-lubricating Ti3SiC2. The films were prepared by reactive unbalanced magnetron sputtering from elemental titanium and silicon targets in the presence of argon and acetylene. The coatings are composed of nanocrystalline TiC and, depending on the composition, of titanium silicides, amorphous hydrogenated carbon and amorphous silicon carbide. Nanohardness values of up to 30 GPa...
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