A Trip to the Moon: Neonatal ABO Non-Compatible Heart Transplant in Donor Circulatory Death

Juan-Miguel Gil-Jaruena, Ramón Pérez-Caballero, Carlos Andres Pardo Pardo, Uxue Murgoitio, Ana Pita & Corazón Calle
Donation after Circulatory Death (DCD) is gaining worldwide acceptance as an adjunct to brain death (BD) in transplant surgery. Initially performed for abdominal organs procurement, DCD was then carried out for heart and lung transplants (HT). Most DCD-HT protocols regard their first cases to be performed with both donor and recipient located in the same institution. The first three cases were performed in Denver (Colorado, USA) in 2008 (ultra-fast procurement, without in situ graft evaluation),...
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