Self-Reported Sensory Impairments and Changes in Cognitive Performance: A Longitudinal 6-Year Follow-Up Study of English Community-Dwelling Adults Aged ⩾50 Years

Ann E. M. Liljas, Kate Walters, Cesar De Oliveira, , Sheena E. Ramsay & Livia A. Carvalho
Objective: To investigate the influence of single and dual sensory impairments prospectively on cognition in adults aged ⩾50 years. Method: Community-dwelling English adults (n = 4,621) were followed up from 2008 to 2014. Self-reported hearing and vision were collected in 2008. Change in cognitive performance on working memory and executive function between 2008 and 2014 was evaluated. Results: Compared with good hearing and good vision, respectively, poor hearing and poor vision were associated with worse...
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