Critical Shifts in Cerebral White Matter Lipid Profiles After Ischemic–Reperfusion Brain Injury in Fetal Sheep as Demonstrated by the Positive Ion Mode MALDI-Mass Spectrometry

Suzanne M. De La Monte, Gina M. Gallucci, Amy Lin, Ming Tong, & Barbara S. Stonestreet
Ischemic–reperfusion (I/R) injury to cerebral white matter during the perinatal period leads to long-term cognitive and motor disabilities in children. Immature white matter oligodendrocytes are especially vulnerable to metabolic insults such as those caused by hypoxic, ischemic, and reperfusion injury. Consequences include an impaired capacity of oligodendrocytes to generate and maintain mature lipid-rich myelin needed for efficient neuronal conductivity. Further research is needed to increase an understanding of the early, possibly reversible myelin-associated pathologies that...
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