Acupuncture for postprandial distress syndrome: a randomized controlled pilot trial

Jian-Feng Tu, Jing-Wen Yang, Li-Qiong Wang, Yang Zheng, Li-Wen Zhang, Yong-Ting Li, Xin Zhang, Guang-Xia Shi, Jun Wang, Jing-Jie Zhao, Yi Du, San-San Chen, Lu Cheng & Cun-Zhi Liu
Background:Evidence for treating postprandial distress syndrome with acupuncture is limited.Aim:We aimed to evaluate the feasibility of verum acupuncture versus sham acupuncture in patients with postprandial distress syndrome.Methods:A total of 42 eligible patients were randomly allocated to either verum acupuncture or sham acupuncture groups in a 1:1 ratio. Each patient received 12 sessions over 4 weeks. The primary outcome was the response rate based on the overall treatment effect (OTE) 4 weeks after randomization. Secondary outcomes...
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