Detection of organic amines using a ratiometric chromophoric fluorescent probe with a significant emission shift

Dan Wu, Yi Liu, Fei Zheng, Shi-Qi Rong, Tao Yang, Yan-Kun Zhao, Rui-Wu Yang, Ping Zou &
Taking advantages of both the well-known α,β-unsaturated structure and the special nucleophilicity of organic amines toward its acceptor moieties, intramolecular charge transfer as a signaling mechanism is used to design and synthesize a new ratiometric chromophoric fluorescent probe (BI-CA-ID) with large emission shifts toward organic amines. This probe is employed for the detection of organic amines with high selectivity and sensitivity and a “naked-eye” color change (from red to colorless). Ultraviolet–visible and fluorescence spectrometric measurements...
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