Micro Fragmented Adipose Tissue Promotes the Matrix Synthesis Function of Nucleus Pulposus Cells and Regenerates Degenerated Intervertebral Disc in a Pig Model

Xiaopeng Zhou, Feng Zhang, Dawei Wang, Jingkai Wang, Chenggui Wang, Kaishun Xia, Liwei Ying, Xianpeng Huang, Yiqing Tao, Shouyong Chen, Deting Xue, Jianming Hua, Chengzhen Liang, Qixin Chen & Fangcai Li
Intervertebral disc (IVD) degeneration and consequent lower back pain is a common disease. Micro fragmented adipose tissue (MFAT) is promising for a wide range of applications in regenerative medicine. In this study, MFAT was isolated by a nonenzymatic method and co-cultured with nucleus pulposus cells (NPCs) using an indirect co-culture system in vitro. A pig disc degeneration model was used to investigate the regenerative effect of MFAT on degenerated IVDs in vivo. The mRNA expression...
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