Comparison of Surgical and Cadaveric Intestine as a Source of Crypt Culture in Humans

Andrew Scott, Barbara Olack, Joshua D. Rouch, Hassan A. Khalil, Brent A. Kokubun, Nan Ye Lei, , Sergio Solorzano, Michael Lewis, James C.Y. Dunn, Matthias G. Stelzner, Joyce C. Niland & Martín G. Martín
Human small intestinal crypts are the source of intestinal stem cells (ISCs) that are capable of undergoing self-renewal and differentiation to an epithelial layer. The development of methods to expand the ISCs has provided opportunities to model human intestinal epithelial disorders. Human crypt samples are usually obtained from either endoscopic or discarded surgical samples, and are thereby exposed to warm ischemia, which may impair their in vitro growth as three-dimensional culture as spheroids or enteroids....
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