Conservation and Management of Trachemys venusta venusta in Southern Mexico: A Genetic Approach

Elsi Beatriz Recino-Reyes, Julia María Lesher-Gordillo, Salima Machkour-M’Rabet, Manuel Ignacio Gallardo-Alvarez, Claudia Elena Zenteno-Ruiz, León David Olivera-Gómez, Alejandra Valdés-Marín, Guadalupe Gómez-Carrasco, Liliana Ríos-Rodas, María Del Rosario Barragán-Vázquez &
The Meso-American slider turtle (Trachemys venusta) is a freshwater turtle that is widely distributed from Mexico to Colombia. Due to the overexploitation of populations of this species in Mexico, it has been placed within the “subject to special protection” category formulated by the Official Mexican Standard NOM-059-ECOL-2010. In the state of Tabasco, Mexico, Management Units for the Conservation of Wildlife (UMA) were created to reduce the impact of overexploitation of freshwater turtles bred in captivity....
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