Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury Screening Criteria Should Include Motor Vehicle Crash Characteristics

Ashley Farhat-Sabet, Margaret Lauerman, Alicia Chavez, Joe Lloyd, Thomas Scalea & Deborah Stein
BackgroundCurrent screening criteria miss 30% of blunt cerebrovascular injuries (BCVIs). Motor vehicle collisions (MVCs) are the leading BCVI mechanism, and delineating MVC characteristics associated with BCVI formation may augment current screening criteria.MethodsWe retrospectively identified BCVI Denver injury screening criteria as able from the Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network (CIREN) database. Severe MVC markers were considered: mean change in velocity (delta-v) greater than 40 km/hour, steering wheel airbag deployment, ejection, or rollover.Results93 BCVIs were included....
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