Inhibitor of DNA binding 2 (Id2) Regulates Photic Entrainment Responses in Mice: Differential Responses of the Id2-/- Mouse Circadian System Are Dependent on Circadian Phase and on Duration and Intensity of Light

Giles E. Duffield, Sung Han, Tim Y. Hou, Horacio O. De La Iglesia, Kathleen A. McDonald, Kirk L. Mecklenburg & Maricela Robles-Murguia
ID2 is a rhythmically expressed helix–loop–helix transcriptional repressor, and its deletion results in abnormal properties of photoentrainment. By examining parametric and nonparametric models of entrainment, we have started to explore the mechanism underlying this circadian phenotype. Id2-/- mice were exposed to differing photoperiods, and the phase angle of entrainment under short days was delayed 2 h as compared with controls. When exposed to long durations of continuous light, enhanced entrainment responses were observed after a...
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