Stress Overload and DNA Methylation in African American Women in the Intergenerational Impact of Genetic and Psychological Factors on Blood Pressure Study

Jolaade Kalinowski, Yunfeng Huang, Martin A Rivas, Veronica Barcelona, Michelle L Wright, Cindy Crusto, Tanya Spruill, Yan V Sun & Jacquelyn Y Taylor
Introduction:Experiencing psychosocial stress is associated with poor health outcomes such as hypertension and obesity, which are risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease. African American women experience disproportionate risk for cardiovascular disease including exposure to high levels of psychosocial stress. We hypothesized that psychosocial stress, such as perceived stress overload, may influence epigenetic marks, specifically DNA methylation (DNAm), that contribute to increased risk for cardiovascular disease in African American women.Methods:We conducted an epigenome-wide study evaluating the...
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