Effect of the Shanghai Stroke Service System (4S) on the quality of stroke care and outcomes: A prospective quality improvement project

Jiawen Xu, Yanan Xie, Kun Fang, Xin Wang, Shengdi Chen, Xueyuan Liu, Yuwu Zhao, Yangtai Guan, Dingfang Cai, Gang Li, Jianmin Liu, JianRen Liu, Jianhua Zhuang, Ying Xian, Haipeng Shen, Hao Li, David Z Wang, Bruce CV Campbell, Mark W Parsons, Yi Dong & Qiang Dong
Background:In China, disparities in the quality of stroke care still exist and implementing quality improvement is still a challenge.Aim:The aim of the study was to determine whether the intervention by Shanghai Stroke Service System (4S) has helped improve adherence to stroke care guidelines and patient outcome.Methods:The 4S is a regional stroke network with real-time data extraction among its 61 stroke centers in Shanghai. A total of 11 key performance indicators (KPIs) were evaluated. The primary...
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