Hydrocarbon regulation and lower temperature pyrolysis of balikun oil shale kerogen

Fei Liu, Weiguang Shi, Tianbao Liu, Wei Li, Liang Sun, Xiangbin Liu, Changming Zhao, Benxian Li, Sunhua Deng, Zhaohui Dong, Chengwu Xu, Xiaofei Fu & Xiuling Yan
Oil shale kerogen is a kind of composite nature of fossil energy polymer. Kerogen pyrolysis is a feasible and alternative strategy to produce fossil fuels from shales. However, the disadvantages including the high energy consumption, the high cost, and the low hydrocarbon conversion, significantly hinder the development and utilization of unconventional hydrocarbon resources. Herein, the hexagonal crystal structural layered double hydroxides (LDHs) with the Ni/Fe ratio of 5.64:2.36 is proposed as pyrolysis catalyst to improve...
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