Can Technology-Based Social Memory Aids Improve Social Engagement? Perceptions of a Novel Memory Aid for Persons With Memory Concerns

Brenna L. Horn, Elizabeth A. Albers, Lauren L. Mitchell, Eric Jutkowitz, Jessica M. Finlay, Ashley N. Millenbah, Gregory J. Seifert, Daniel S. Hedin, Matthew J. Knutson, Kevin M. Kramer & Jude P. Mikal
Social withdrawal and isolation are frequently experienced among people with cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease related dementias. Few assistive technologies exist to support persons with memory concerns’ (PWMC) continuing social engagement. This study aimed to understand PWMC and family caregivers’ initial perspectives on the feasibility and utility of a wearable technology-based social memory aid. We recruited 20 dyads, presented the memory aid, and conducted semi-structured interviews from June to August 2020 over Zoom...
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