Bone Mineral Density Reference Values in 18- to 95-Year-Old Population in Lombardy Region, Italy

Mariangela Rondanelli, Clara Gasparri, Federica Perdoni, Antonella Riva, Giovanna Petrangolini, Gabriella Peroni, Milena Anna Faliva, Maurizio Naso & Simone Perna
The aim of this study is to assess the bone mineral density (BMD) and T-score reference values in a population from 18 to 95 years old in Lombardy region, Italy. This study also investigates the association between BMD values and body mass index (BMI) divided by gender and age. The evaluation of BMD was analyzed by T-score and BMD in each site, femur, and column. A total of 10,503 patients (9,627 females and 876 males,...
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