Understanding the transport networks complex between South Asia, Southeast Asia and China during the late Neolithic and Bronze Age

Minmin Ma, Yongxiu Lu, Guanghui Dong, Lele Ren, Rui Min, Lihong Kang, Zhonghua Zhu, Xiaorui Li, Bo Li, Zhijian Yang, Nongbu Cili, Ruiliang Liu, Yu Gao & Fahu Chen
The emergence and intensification of transcontinental exchange during both the Late Neolithic and Bronze Age profoundly influenced the social history of Eurasia. While scholars have intensively discussed east-west long-distance communication along the proto-Silk Road, the north-south transport networks that connected China to South and Southeast Asia during the Late Neolithic and Bronze Age have attracted much less attention in the scholarly literature based on archeological science data. In this paper, we find new radiocarbon dates...
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