Knowledge and practices about safe handling regarding the risk of exposure to antineoplastic drugs for caregivers in compounding units and in operating rooms performing HIPEC/PIPAC

Clémence Delafoy, Hubert Benoist, Alex Patin, Michèle Vasseur, Sonia Guillouet, Clarisse Eveno, Jean-Marc Guilloit, Pascal Odou, Nicolas Simon & Guillaume Saint-Lorant
IntroductionEver since the late 1970s, occupational exposure associated with the handling of antineoplastic drugs (ADs) in the healthcare environment has been highlighted and demonstrated. Contamination was detected in both operating rooms (OR) and compounding units (CU), where healthcare workers handle and are exposed to ADs in different ways. In the OR, the risk of exposure is higher and the staff receives less training in handling ADs than in the CU. This study aimed to assess...
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