Relationship between paramagnetic rim lesions and slowly expanding lesions in multiple sclerosis

Alberto Calvi, Margareta A Clarke, Ferran Prados, Declan Chard, Olga Ciccarelli, Manel Alberich, Deborah Pareto, Marta Rodríguez Barranco, Jaume Sastre-Garriga, Carmen Tur, Alex Rovira & Frederik Barkhof
Background:Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) markers for chronic active lesions in MS include slowly expanding lesions (SELs) and paramagnetic rim lesions (PRLs).Objectives:To identify the relationship between SELs and PRLs in MS, and their association with disability.Methods:61 people with MS (pwMS) followed retrospectively with MRI including baseline susceptibility-weighted imaging, and longitudinal T1 and T2-weighted scans. SELs were computed using deformation field maps; PRLs were visually identified. Mixed-effects models assessed differences in Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) score...
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